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Barge Fleet Hire - Europe

Barge Fleet Hire - Europe

Our luxury hotel barges will make your cruising holiday an unforgettable one. Barges vary in size to accommodate from 2 to 22 passengers but they also have different style from modern to French authentic style and have different rating from Charming to Ultra Luxury to meet the expectations of all our clients. Other inclusions are excursions to local places of interests, visit of local markets, use of bicycles, open bar, meals, WiFi and more. You can book a cabin or if you are travelling with your family or friends, you can charter the whole barge.

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Our Cruise Fleet

Barge Travel Connection offers 43 luxury hotel barges that cruise on the waterways of France, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Scotland, England and Ireland.

We have 33 barges that sail along the different regions of France namely Alegria, Anjodi, Anne-Marie, Athos, Belmond Alouette, Belmond Amaryllis, Belmond Fleur de Lys, Belmond Hirondelle, Belmond Napoleon, Caroline, C’est La Vie, Clair de Lune, Deborah, Enchante, Finesse, Jeanine, La Belle Epoque, L’Art de Vivre, Le Phenicien, L’Impressionniste, Luciole, Madeleine, Meanderer, Mirabelle, La Nouvelle Etoile, Nymphea, Panache, Raymonde, Renaissance, Roi Soleil, Rosa, Saraphina and Savannah.

Panache, L’Impressionniste and La Nouvelle Etoile cruise through Belgium on their trip between Paris and Holland.

La Nouvelle Etoile and Panache also cruise along the waterways of Holland, famous for its tulips and windmills.

The ultra-deluxe La Nouvelle Etoile sails between Germany and Luxembourg in September and October.

The stylish and beautiful La Bella Vita takes you to the charming cities of Italy.

Scottish Highlander cruises along the Great Glen and takes you to the most scenic spots in Scotland.

Magna Carta is one of the most luxurious hotel barge that cruises in the British Isles. Visit the magnificent castles and historic sights of England.

The beautiful, 10-passenger Shannon Princess cruises in River Shannon of Ireland.

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