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Barge Cruising in Belgium

Barge Cruising in Belgium

Belgium is one of three countries that is part of Benelux. It shares borders with France on the southwest, Luxembourg on the southeast, Germany on the east and the Netherlands on the north. Belgium has three regions - Flanders, the capital region of Brussels and the French-speaking region of Wallonia. Your Belgium cruise highlights include excursions to the battlefield sites, museums and memorials in Ypres, Somme, Arleux and Peronne. To book a cabin or charter a barge, contact our team today.

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About Belgium


Belgium is a small country located in Western Europe and part of the Benelux group of states. Its neighbours include France, Germany, Luxembourg and Netherlands. There are two main airports in Belgium – Brussels Airport, the main airport and Antwerp Airport. You can also reach Belgium by a direct train from other cities including Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Lille, Luxembourg, London, Amsterdam, Cologne and Frankfurt.

Canals & Waterways

Scheldt–Rhine Canal

Why Cruise in Belgium?

Belgium is well-known for its medieval and picturesque cities such as Bruges, Antwerp and Ghent. Discover Belgium’s diverse culture and history as you cruise along the Scheldt-Rine Canal. We also offer a commemorative World War I cruise from Belgium to Picardy.

Sightseeing Highlights

• Tour of Antwerp including Ruben’s house, the Old Quarter and the Grand market square.
• Walking tour of Ghent and its main sights and attractions.
• Visit the Liefmans Brewery, a brewery that produces oud bruin and other Belgian beers.

Barges in Belgium

  1. La Nouvelle Etoile

    La Nouvelle Etoile

    The ultra-deluxe and stylish La Nouvelle Etoile cruises in France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg.

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    from 7,190 Per Person
  2. Panache


    The stylish, 12-passenger Panache was built in 1959 and was converted to a hotel barge in 1998. She now cruises in the waterways of Belgium, France and Holland.

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    from 4,490 Per Person
  3. Panache - World War One Cruise

    Panache - World War One Cruise

    Learn the tragic history of World War One with our commemorative cruise in Belgium and Learn More

    from 44,000 Per Charter
  4. Panache - Family Cruise

    Panache - Family Cruise

    Discover the charming region of Alsace with the family in this 6-night, classic family cruise. 

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
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