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Burgundy Cruises

Burgundy Cruises

Burgundy is renowned for its wines and cheeses. It is also one of the country's top cruising destination. As you cruise along the Canal of Burgundy, you will pass by the region's famous vineyards, charming chateaux and beautiful villages. Your Burgundy cruise highlights include excursions to Dijon, Beaune, Clos de Vougeot. Don't forget to try the popular Chablis wine and Burgundy's various cheeses. If you are feeling adventurous, why not try riding a hot air balloon? Don't miss Burgundy if you are planning on a cruising holiday to France.

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About Burgundy


The beautiful region of Burgundy is located in east central France. It is well-known for producing some of the world’s best wines, scenic countryside and historic towns and villages. The region is bordered by the Loire River in the west and the French-Comte and Champagne regions in the east. You can reach Burgundy from Paris via the TGV train (Paris-Dijon: 1 hour and 40 minutes) from Paris Gare de Lyon or Lille. Dijon has direct links to Disneyland-Paris, the Charles de Gaulle Airport and Lille.

Canals & Waterways

Canal de Bourgogne, Canal du Nivernais, River Yonne and Canal de Briare.

Why Cruise in Burgundy?

Aside from producing some of the finest wines in the world, Burgundy guarantees plenty of sightseeing opportunities to its visitors. The region is brimming with charming chateaux, quaint villages, historic sites and great gastronomy.

Sightseeing Highlights

• Visit the Abbey de Fontenay, the oldest, preserved Cistercian abbey in the world. 
• Wine tasting sessions of Chablis wines in the cellars of a famous domaine. 
• Tour of Auxerre, Dijon and Sancerre. 
• Visit Chateau d’Ancy-le-Franc, Chateau de Bazoches, Chateau de Bussy-Rabutin, Clos de Vougeout, Chateau de Gremolles. 
• Tour of Beaune including Hospices de Beaune. 
• Visit local markets and dine out at a local restaurant.


Barges in Burgundy

  1. L'Art de Vivre
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    Up to €890 per couple

    The charming L’Art de Vivre was built in 1917 in England. It was converted into a luxury hotel barge in 1975. She cruises along the Canal du Nivernais from Auxerre to Chevorches.

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    from 3,850 Per Person
  2. Luciole

    Luciole is a cozy and casual first class barge that travels along the Nivernais Canal in Burgundy. The Luciole began cruising in 1966, as the first hotel barge, the Pal...

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    from 3,950 Per Person
  3. C'est la Vie

    The C'est La Vie is a luxurious and enchanting hotel barge which cruises along the Northern Burgundy. 

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    from 6,995 Per Person
  4. Jeanine

    The classic MS Jeanine was originally built in 1926 and was launched in 1985. She was renovated in 2013 and now cruises in the Burgundy Canal.

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    from 1,640 Per Person
  5. Renaissance
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    Up to €1,170 per couple

    Renaissance was built in 1960 in Belgium and used to carry grain and ore. She was converted to a hotel barge in 1997 and now cruises in the waterways of Burgundy and Lo...

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    from 5,850 Per Person
  6. Belmond Amaryllis

    Belmond Amaryllis is one of the most luxurious barges on the waterways of France. It is an ultra deluxe barge cruise ship that features exquisite decorations including ...

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    from 0 Per Charter
  7. La Nouvelle Etoile

    The ultra-deluxe and stylish La Nouvelle Etoile cruises in France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg.

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    from 7,190 Per Person
  8. Savoir Vivre

    Savoir Vivre is a charming, 8-passenger hotel barge that cruises along the Burgundy Canal.

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    from 3,750 Per Person
  9. Finesse
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    Up to €1,310 per couple

    Finesse is a new, double-decker hotel barge that cruises in southern Burgundy. She is the sister of Enchante.

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    from 5,690 Per Person
  10. L'Impressionniste

    The beautiful L’Impressionniste was built in 1960 as a cargo barge. She was converted to a hotel barge in 1996. She now cruises the along the picturesque Burgundy canal...

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    from 4,490 Per Person
  11. La Belle Epoque
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    Up to €1,070 per couple

    La Belle Epoque was built in Netherlands in 1930 carrying timber from Burgundy to Paris. She was renovated and converted to a luxury hotel barge in 1995. She now cruise...

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    from 4,490 Per Person
  12. La Belle Epoque - Wine Appreciation Cruise
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    Up to €5,820 per charter

    Delight yourself in a 6-night cruise vacation on board the luxurious La Belle Epoque which gives you a taste of the Burgundy wine experience!

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    from 45,200 Per Charter
  13. Randle

    Embark on a classic cruise on board the beautiful Randle. She cruises along the scenic Canal du Nivernais and River Yonne of Burgundy.

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    from 9,415 Per Charter
  14. Grand Victoria

    Grand Victoria is an elegant hotel barge originally built in 1994. She now cruises in the canals of the Burgundy region.

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    from 6,999 Per Person
  15. Magnolia

    Magnolia is a charming hotel barge which cruises between Escommes and Dijon and vice versa. She features three comfortable cabins that can accommodate up to six passengers.

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    from 14,000 Per Charter
  16. Johanna

    Discover the beauty and charm of France and Belgium on board the charming barge of Johanna.

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    from 11,000 Per Charter
  17. Luciole - Wine Appreciation Cruise

    Discover the heart of Burgundy's wine region onboard Luciole. This all-inclusive, 6-night wine cruise will take you to vineyards of Côte d’Auxerre, Sai...

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    from 4,650 Per Person
  18. Luciole - Family Cruise

    Enjoy family-friendly activities such as cave climbing, canoeing, horse riding, and zip-lining in this exciting Luciole specialty cruise.

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    from 31,000 Per Charter
  19. L'Impressionniste - Culinary Cruise

    Discover the culinary specialties of Burgundy on board the elegant L’Impressionniste with a 6-night, culinary cruise. Discover historic towns, enjoy cheese and wine tastings and visit the ...

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    from 45,200 Per Charter
  20. Finesse - Golf Cruise
    Save Now
    Up to €4,850 per charter

    Cruising is an incredible way to travel - add golf into your itinerary and you've got an unbeatable French holiday on board the amazing Finesse barge!

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    from 39,600 Per Charter
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