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Canal du Midi Cruises

Canal du Midi Cruises

The 300-year-old Canal du Midi is France's most popular canal when it comes to cruising. The canal connects to various waterways such as the Garonne River, Etang du Thau, Canal de Brienne, Herault River making it easy to travellers to reach the different cities and towns. A cruise in Canal du Midi is a great choice when you want to capture the spectacular scenery of France. Cruise highlights include excursions of Carcassonne, Minerve, Lagrasse, Pezenas and more. To book your Canal du Midi cruise, contact our team today.

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About Canal du Midi


Canal du Midi is one of the oldest canals in Europe that is still operating. It is located in the south of France which runs from Toulouse to Etang de Thau near Sete. You can reach the canal through Montpellier. TGV trains run daily from Paris to Montpellier.

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Canal du Midi

Why Cruise in Canal du Midi?

The idyllic Canal du Midi is a must when barging in France. The canal is long stretch offering beautiful plane trees, lovely bridges and excellent towpaths. Your excursions include the walled city of Carcassonne, Narbonne, Lagrasse and the hilltop town of Minerve.

Sightseeing Highlights

• Explore the medieval city of Carcassonne.
• Visit the towns and villages of Narbonne, Minerve, Pezenas and Lagrasse
• Wine tasting at a local domaine.
• Visit and olive press and try the famous Lucques olives.

Barges on Canal du Midi

  1. Athos - Golf Cruise

    Athos - Golf Cruise

    Experience memorable rounds of golf and a relaxing cruise a board this beautiful barge Athos which lets you travel from Argeliers to Marseillan! 

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    from 32,000 Per Charter
  2. Clair de Lune - Family Cruise

    Clair de Lune - Family Cruise

    Bring your family together in an enchanting 5-night cruise from Le Somail to Carcassonne with the beautiful Clair de Lune barge! 

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    from 22,400 Per Charter
  3. Enchantė - Family Cruise
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    Up to €2,340 per couple*

    Enchantė - Family Cruise

    Join an unforgettable cruise with your family along the Canal du Midi from Trebes to Salleles d'Aude on board the luxurious Enchante! This journey will surely leave you memories of fascination a...

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    from 35,600 Per Charter
  4. Mirage


    The charming, Mirage is a classic 1950s era French peniche transformed into a lovely hotel barge.

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    from 4,000 Per Person
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