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Picardy Cruises

Picardy Cruises

The Picardy region is located in northern France. Picardy is known as the birthplace of Gothic architecture. Numerous battles and invasions occurred in Picardy during World Wars I and II leaving behind a rich history for locals and tourists alike. Your Picardy cruise highlights include excursions of battlefield sites monuments in Ypres, Fromelles, Somme and Villers-Bretonneux. When cruising in Picardy, do not miss the Last Post ceremony at Menin Memorial Gate in Ypres. Contact our team today to book your Picardy cruise.

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About Picardy


Picardy is located in northern France, above Paris and Ile de France. The area is very rich in history and hosts numerous battlefields, war monuments, memorials and museums. From Paris, you can reach Picardy by train. 

Canals & Waterways

Canal du Nord and River Lys

Why Cruise in Picardy?

Experience something unique and different during your holiday in France by joining our cruise in Picardy. This region is steeped in history and some of the most famous battles were fought in this area. Discover the historic and memorable World War I battlefields and memorials.

Sightseeing Highlights

• Explore Ypres including the Cloth Hall, the Christmas Truce Cross, Pool of Peace crater and the Essex Farm dressing station.
• Attend the Last Post ceremony at the Menin Gate Memorial
• Visit the Australian Memorial Park, the Cobbers statue and the battlefield of Fromelles.
• Tour the battlefields of Arras and Vimy Ridge.
• Visit the Somme battlefields and the Thiepval Memorial.
• Tour of Villers-Bretonneux including the Australian National War Memorial and Le Hamel.

Barges in Picardy

  1. L'Impressionniste


    The beautiful L’Impressionniste was built in 1960 as a cargo barge. She was converted to a hotel barge in 1996. She now cruises the along the picturesque Burgundy canal...

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    from 4,350 Per Person
  2. Panache
    Save Now
    Up to €1,796 per couple*


    The stylish, 12-passenger Panache was built in 1959 and was converted to a hotel barge in 1998. She now cruises in the waterways of Belgium, France and Holland.

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    from 4,490 Per Person
  3. Panache - Family Cruise
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    Up to €9,740 per charter*

    Panache - Family Cruise

    Discover the charming region of Alsace with the family in this 6-night, classic family cruise. 

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
  4. L'Impressionniste - Family Cruise

    L'Impressionniste - Family Cruise

    Indulge in an ultimate 6-night cruise together with your family at the beautiful Burgundy region from Fleurey-sur-Ouche to Escommes on board the elegant L'Impressionniste barge! 

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
  5. L'Impressionniste - Golf Cruise

    L'Impressionniste - Golf Cruise

    Enjoy golf at the heart of the Burgundy region with our 6-night golf cruise. Cruise along the enchanting canal of Burgundy past the quaint villages and scenic vineyards...

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
  6. L'Impressionniste - Three Country Cruise

    L'Impressionniste - Three Country Cruise

    An extraordinary cruising experience awaits you in this 6-week, 3-country cruise from France to Holland.

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
  7. L'Impressionniste - Wine Appreciation Cruise

    L'Impressionniste - Wine Appreciation Cruise

    Discover the best wines in the world in Burgundy with our 6-night cruise on board the sytlish L'Impressionniste.

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
  8. Aurora


     Aurora is an ultra-deluxe, 8-passenger hotel barge cruising in Holland from Amsterdam to Gouda and France from Strasbourg to Arzviller.

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    from 19,400 Per Charter
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