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Barge Cruising in Luxembourg

Barge Cruising in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is another fantastic destination to consider when cruising in Europe. Luxembourg is bordered by France, Belgium and Germany. It is one of the smallest countries in Europe. The beautiful La Nouvelle Etoile cruises in Germany with a side trip in Luxembourg. Visit Luxembourg City, the country’s vibrant capital offering numerous tourist attractions including the Casemates Bock, the Grand Ducal Palace, Cathedrale de Notre Dame Neumunster Abbey and a lot more. Contact our team today to book your Luxembourg-Germany cruise.

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About Luxembourg


Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and the only Grand Duchy in the world. You can reach Luxembourg by plane or train. The Luxembourg train station can be reached from Paris (2 hours & 5 minutes), Brussels (3 hours) and Trier (43 minutes).

Canals & Waterways

Moselle River

Why Cruise in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg may be one of the smallest countries in Europe, however, the country offers plenty of UNESCO World Heritage monuments, fairy-tale castles, nature parks and great hiking trails. The ultra deluxe, 8-passenger La Nouvelle Etoile cruises from Germany to Luxembourg.

Sightseeing Highlights

• Visit Remich, a wine-producing village located in southeast Luxembourg.
• Visit the bustling capital, Luxembourg and its attractions. The city is popular for its 18th century fortifications, cathedrals, abbeys and museums.

Barges in Luxembourg

  1. La Nouvelle Etoile

    The ultra-deluxe and stylish La Nouvelle Etoile cruises in France, Holland, Germany and Luxembourg.

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    from 7,190 Per Person
  2. La Nouvelle Etoile - Classic 11-Night Cruise

    Join our exciting, 11-night cruise from Bruges to Paris on board the ultra-deluxe La Nouvelle Etoile.

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    from 11,900 Per Person
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