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Antique Cruises

Antique Cruises

If you are an antique collector, the charming Magna Carta has an itinerary based on finding the best antiques near London and other areas. Antique-themed cruises are available on charter only. On this cruise, visit some of the most popular antique shops in England such as the Phelps Antique Centre, Antiquarius and the Nettlebed antique merchants. If you are into antiques, this itinerary may be for you or your friends. Contact our team today to book your cruise.

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About Antique Cruises



Canals & Waterways

Cruise along the beautiful River Thames from Hampton Court Palace to Henley on Thames. 

Why do an Antique Cruise?

Enjoy visits to popular antique stores and centres that showcase the largest collection of antiques in England and discover the royal palace and castles as you cruise along the beautiful River Thames. 

Note: Antique-themed cruise is available for charter only. 

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