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Golf Cruises

Golf Cruises

If you are a golf enthusiast, we offer golf cruises in France, England, Ireland and Scotland featuring some of the best golf courses in the world. Golf cruises are available in the following barges: Athos, Anjodi, Enchante, L’Impressionniste, La Bella Vita, Renaissance, Shannon Princess and Scottish Highlander. In addition to playing your favourite sport, you get to relax on board your floating hotel with delicious meals and superb wines. Contact our team today to book your golf cruise.

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About Golf Cruises


England, France, Ireland, Italy and Scotland

Canals & Waterways

River Thames in England, River Shannon in Ireland, the Bianco Canal and Venetian Lagoon in Italy and the Caledonian Canal in Scotland. In France, our barges cruise on Canal du Midi, the River Loire, Canal de Briare and the Burgundy Canal.

Why do a Golf Cruise?

Our golf themed cruises feature some of the best golf courses and clubs in the world in France, England, Ireland, Italy and Scotland. Play your favourite sport and discover the well-loved landmarks and monuments in England, France, Ireland, Italy and Scotland. Our golf cruises include a supplement for each player to cover the cover the cost or pre-booked tee time.

Note: Golf themed cruise is available for charter only. 

Golf Cruise Barges

  1. Nymphea - Golf Cruise

    Enjoy a fantastic golf cruise in the beautiful region of Loire Valley. The region is brimming with magnificent chateaux, lush vineyards and great golfing courses.

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    from 17,200 Per Charter
  2. Meanderer - Golf Cruise

    Enjoy golf as you cruise from Montbouy and Lere on board the charming barge of Meanderer.

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    from 5,290 Per Person
  3. Spirit of Scotland - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €738 per couple

    Discover the beauty of Scotland and enjoy your favourite sport, golf in this 7-day golf cruise on board our newest barge, Spirit of Scotland. She starts cruising on Jun...

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    from 37,100 Per Charter
  4. Rosa - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €5,520 per charter*

    Experience a luxury cruise and enjoy golf on board the beautiful barge of Rosa. 

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    from 25,800 Per Charter
  5. Scottish Highlander - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €698 per couple

    Get to play golf in the country where it originally started, Scotland in this 6-night golf cruise on board the beautiful Scottish Highlander. Cruise from Muirtown and Banavie, visit the famous E...

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    from 21,900 Per Charter
  6. Renaissance - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €8,400 per charter

    Indulge in a marvelous cruise voyage on board the sophisticated Renaissance from Châtillon-sur-Loire to Montargis and get a chance to play at golf courses along t...

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    from 39,600 Per Charter
  7. Shannon Princess - Golf Cruise

    Golf cruise in Ireland is a must for golf lovers! Take a 6-night cruise from Killaloe to Glasson which enables you to experience a unique voyage in the most interesting...

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    from 33,400 Per Charter
  8. Enchantė - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €2,036 per couple

    Experience a wonderful 6-night golf cruise in Canal du Midi on board the charming Enchante.

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    from 35,600 Per Charter
  9. Anjodi - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €890 per couple

    Combine your love of golf with your passion for travel! Visit some of the famous golf courses on the Canal du Midi on board the fabulous cruise ship of Anjodi! 

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    from 27,000 Per Charter
  10. La Bella Vita - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €13,400 per charter*

    Experience Italy with our fabulous 6-night golf cruise. Visit Italy's famed monuments and landmarks and play golf at some of the well-known golf courses and clubs. ...

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    from 50,900 Per Charter
  11. Athos - Golf Cruise
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    Up to €7,320 per charter

    Experience memorable rounds of golf and a relaxing cruise a board this beautiful barge Athos which lets you travel from Argeliers to Marseillan! 

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    from 32,000 Per Charter
  12. L'Impressionniste - Golf Cruise

    Enjoy golf at the heart of the Burgundy region with our 6-night golf cruise. Cruise along the enchanting canal of Burgundy past the quaint villages and scenic vineyards...

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    from 44,000 Per Charter
  13. Magna Carta - Golf Cruise

    Discover the heart of England with our 6-night golf cruise. Enjoy excursions to Hampton Courte Palace, Windsor Castle and enjoy playing golf in the grounds of a royal p...

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    from 26,100 Per Charter
  14. Randle - Golf & Gourmet Cruise

    Enjoy golf at some of the best golf courses in Burgundy during this enthralling, 7-day golf cruise aboard the Randle.

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    from 9,415 Per Charter
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