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Long Cruises

Long Cruises

If you are interested in longer cruising experience in multiple countries, we offer long cruises in France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Germany. These long waterway journeys cover longer distances, so there will be more cruising each day. The ultra-deluxe La Nouvelle and the beautiful L'Impressionniste offer long cruises. These unforgettable voyages will take you to different countries along Europe’s most beautiful waterways. Contact our team today to book a long cruise.

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About Long Cruises


Belgium, France and  Holland

Canals & Waterways

Scheldt–Rhine Canal in Belgium, various rivers and canals of France and Amstel River in Holland

Why do a Long Cruise?

Experience the best of Europe with our long cruises in France, Belgium and Holland.  These long waterway voyages are fantastic combination of cruising, sightseeing and discovering the country's rich history, regional culture, diverse gastronomy and more. These cruises can be customised to fit your interests. Contact our team for more information.

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